By: Tanya Vakil Fernandes

CURVE appeal for harmony in your home.

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Harmony in the home starts with functional design.  To establish a harmonious flow in your home,  incorporate these 4 design basics, ensuring there is beauty, balance, symmetry and flow from room to room. 
To start, plan to paint the house in the same colour palette.  If you are working with greys, whites or browns select shades of the same neutral colour, and accent with complimentary colours. This consistency in colour will have one room flow seamlessly into the next and will be pleasing to the eye.  The same rule applies to flooring - use one colour, or pattern, to avoid creating barriers or divisions.
When designing table decor - apply the rule of 3.  The rule of three dictates that you place objects in groups of 3 to create depth and texture.  Using three objects of different shapes, sizes and pattern will be visually interesting on an otherwise flat surface.  To be consistent, repeat the pattern of 3 in various rooms throughout the house.
Decorate using elements that can be duplicated.  If you like florals, incorporate floral accessories, rugs and wallpaper in various places throughout the home.  For those who prefer clean lines, use white or cream photo frames, pillows and furniture - continue to use white in the majority of the rooms in the home.  If modern decor is more your style, incorporate metals and darker colours creating dramatic contrast throughout the home.
As a final touch, if you are designing, or remodelling, your home request rounded corners on your wall edges instead of sharp points. The rounded corners will literally create flow from room to room eliminating hard stops and sharp corners.  This is the ultimate in curve appeal!
Exceptional decor will keep the value of your home at a competitive price point, as it excites buyers and is visually interesting.  For all your real estate questions and inquiries contact me today.